Yacht Crew

Yacht’s owner/operators, a charming couple who are experienced charter yacht crew: Bekir and Selen Comez. Bekir and Selen are both English-speaking. They are extremely good-natured folk, eager to smile and easy to converse with.  Best of all, being Turkish, they both have a really good sense of hospitality. Bekir and Selen take pride in the quality of service that is offered on board LADY NATHALIE, paying special attention to the individual needs of their guests. Selen is an experienced cook, who is able to combine her love of Turkish cookery with a well-rounded selection of international-style dishes, featuring fresh and organic produce.

Bekir holds an Offshore Yachtmaster’s Licence and over the course of his seabourne career, has logged many thousands of sea miles. He speaks English and Spanish fluently and has a very in-depth knowledge of the local cruising area. He is witty and easy going, with a great smile and the ability to ensure that LADY NATHALIE’s guests are enamored of their Eastern Mediterranean sailing experience.